Why choose Hotel Pangrazzi, in Fucine di Ossana, Val di Sole for this year’s ski-ing holiday?


There is one simple answer. The hotel’s location. If you love ski-ing and beautiful scenery you are spoilt for choice. There are 7 different ski-ing areas which provide extensive ski-ing on your doorstep, all accessible by ski bus.

Once there, if you are unfamiliar with the area, arrange at reception to have a chat with our resident ski expert [2014-5] who has an in-depth knowledge of the Adamello-Brenta ski area. He can advise which slopes will be most suited to your level and suggest numerous ski safaris/tours.

[Please note this excludes, 18th December - 7th January, 11th - 23rd February 2015]

Why Passo del Tonale?

To find your ski-legs, introduce people to ski-ing or ski with a group of different abilities Passo di Tonale is ideal as a starting point. This can be accessed by ski bus or car from the hotel. The drive takes about 20 – 30 minutes.

On arrival you have immediate access to the gentle nursery slopes from the road on the right-hand side of the mountain range. There are numerous lifts and the slopes range from almost flat to quite steep. At the extreme ends of the village, connected to the nursery area, there are higher, more challenging slopes with plenty sun in the morning at the Fucine end, and more in the afternoon at the Ponte di Legno end. It is very easy area to meet up if ski-ing separately.

On the opposite side of the road, for experienced skiers, is the Paradiso, a long black run. At the top of the Paradiso lift, if the snow is sparse on the lower shops, there is access to a glacier which has one steep slope and a gentle slope connecting back to the Paradiso run.

However, one of the best, long, gentle runs for beginners to practise basics is from the car park opposite the Paradiso half way down to the mid station of the Ponte di Legno/Passo Tonale gondola. The slope is almost flat. It is imperative however that you take the “right” side of the slope at the fork (a little after the Husky farm), otherwise you will find yourself on a black run which connects with the base lift of Ponte di Legno.

Why Ponte di Legno and Temù?

Park opposite the Paradiso and ski down taking the “left” fork past the husky farm to the uplift of Ponte di Legno. En route you can stop off for a coffee on the banks of the river and soak up the scenery. There is one challenging part on this link run but, if the snow conditions are good, this should not pose any problems to experienced skiers.

The lift brings you to two ski areas, Ponte di Legno and Temù, which are normally quiet with well-groomed, tree-lined red and black slopes.

Why Pejo?

If you are learning to ski or not feeling too energetic and want to enjoy beautiful scenery and the mountains huts, Pejo is worth a visit. There is an almost flat slope for learners served by a chair lift at car park level. The Tarlenta Gondola takes you to the middle station. Here you can sit on a deckchair and soak up the sun and the views, ski back down the intermediate slope to the valley or take a further uplift to another hut and easy run back down to the middle. For more experienced skiers you have immediate, swift access from the middle by the cable car to Pejo 3000. From here you can enjoy the long, scenic descent to the valley.

Why Marilleva?

If you are looking for beginners/ intermediate ski-ing with plenty of variety, Marilleva is an ideal choice. The ski bus takes you directly to the main uplift to the slopes of Marilleva, a custom-built resort. This is also a favourite with locals learning to ski. Apart from the ski school and beginners’ slopes at the top of the access gondola, there is a wide variety of slopes so that you can quickly get away from the buzz. From the top of the Orso Bruno [small word of warning: at certain times of the day, the uplift to Orso Bruno can be congested] the scenery is magnificent. Again, this is ideal for skiers at different levels wanting to split up to enjoy the variety of slopes and meet up later during the day. For experienced skiers there are 4 black runs. A word of caution: you must be back by 16.45 to avoid missing the last lift down to the valley.

Why Folgarida?

Folgarida can be accessed by ski-ing from the top of Orso Bruno (above Marilleva). There is a very large area in the basin at the top of Folgarida with wide, nursery slopes ideal for beginners. From this area there are long, cruising, tree-lined slopes down towards Folgarida itself and Belvidere, with quick gondola access back up the mountain. Again, another area ideal for meeting up for diverse groups. Folgarida is also home to the superb “Pista Nera” (black piste) which is usually well-groomed and quiet.

Why Madonna di Campiglio?

If you are looking for a long ski safari Madonna di Campiglio is situated under the stunning backdrop of the Brenta Dolomites. An early start is recommended since Madonna is accessed via Orso Bruno, above Marilleva. The resorts are linked by broad, intermediate slopes. As you descend towards Madonna you can either ski anti-clockwise round the mountains above the village or ski down and across the bridge and ski the area in a clockwise direction. From the bridge you can take the Groste Express cable car to the top within 22 minutes to broad slopes with breathtaking views. If time has been taken into consideration, it is possible to enjoy some of the runs several times en route, but make sure you leave enough time for the fabulous area of “Cinque Laghi”, at the far end of Campiglio, which apart from offering cruising blue and red runs also boasts a very steep new black slope which not for the faint-hearted!

It is imperative to check the closing times of the connecting lifts at Fortini and Malghette to ensure you have enough time for the return to Orso Bruno from the Madonna/Pinzolo area.

Why Pinzolo?

For an even longer safari ski, take the 25 minute ride in the Pinzolo-Campiglio express from the Cinque Laghi area of Madonna di Campiglio. Pinzolo has extensive, enjoyable, intermediate and often very broad slopes surrounded by breathtaking scenery. From the top of Pinzolo you have a clear view of Lake Garda, assuming the weather permits. If you arrive early enough there should be enough time to ski most of the runs. It is probably advisable to leave Pinzolo around 2.15 pm to ensure access back to Orso Bruno where the descent to the gondola and thereafter the “ski bus” stop at Marilleva 900 begins.

Useful links for greater detail:

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www.skirama.it has information about Folgarida and Marilleva
www.folgarida.co.uk [the Folgarida [Brenta] Ski co] has a very good webpage describing parts of the the area in greater detail.
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